Home Computer Support

Whether you are a member or thinking of joining ask Firstpc, this section will walk you through the many outstanding services and benefits that come with membership. You can feel confident in your decision to become a part of ask Firstpc, because when it comes down to it, nobody knows more about keeping you and your computer up and running.
Our Home Plan membership starts with our incredible technical support services, but that's just the beginning.

Phone Support
As a Home Plan member, help is just a toll-free phone call away. The doctor is always in, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing you with expert guidance and answers to keep you and your computer up and running. And it's as simple as calling 416 - 301 5816.

Online Support
As a member, you can also get help and answers conveniently online or via email. ask Firstpc is always there to help, anytime anywhere, whenever you need us.

Automated Diagnostics
Common computer problems can be fixed automatically by accessing our suite of support and self diagnostic tools. Receive helpful information on the current health of your computer and suggestions to prevent future problems.

Computer Maintenance
Let ask Firstpc show you how to keep your computer operating in tip-top shape for maximum performance and reliability.

Web Virus Scan
Protect your PC or Mac from vicious virus attacks. Become a member and scan your computer for viruses online and remove infections that can cause unnecessary harm to your important data.

Fast Response Time
Don't waste valuable time waiting on hold. ask Firstpc members enjoy a response time of less than 7 minutes. And when time is money, become and Plus or Premier member and enjoy priority response time of less than 3 minutes.

Hardware and Software
We provide a broad scope of service and expert knowledge in countless areas for both PC's and Macs. Whether your problem is hardware, or related, you can depend on ask Firstpc to troubleshoot the cause and find the solution.

Multiple Computer Support
Enroll up to 5 total systems or users under your membership plan so that everyone can take advantage of the service benefits. Best of all, additional enrollments under the same plan are at reduced prices.

Depot Repair Service* (Home Plus only)
For hardware problems that cannot be solved online or over the phone, you can send in your PC to our service center for a complete check-up and repair. You'll get a full report on your computer's health and have the option of completing the repair on your own or having it performed by our service center with no labor charges .

Membership Incentives
As a valued member, you'll receive special incentives and discounts from participating partners. Just show your membership card for rewards and savings.

And Much More...
With over 40 benefits and services available, you'll find that ask Firstpc will quickly become your PC's best friend. In addition, we are always adding new services and features to improve your experience and your computer's dependability. Join today and never be stranded with computer problems again.