Virtualize at the Speed of Your Business

Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up the IT response to a changing business environment. Virtualization can help you:

Reduce IT management requirements and expenses by running multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server
Prioritize business needs and maximize server resources by quickly moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another

Whether you're a small organization trying to extend the value of the resources you already have, or a large data center that's pushing the automation envelope, FirstPC delivers solutions that make sense for your budget, staff and business.

Scale Your Capabilities Without Scaling Your Costs

Virtualization solutions from FirstPc help customers reduce the cost of IT growth and improve the IT organization's responsiveness to business needs. Many FirstPc customers already implement server consolidation strategies to reduce hardware acquisition and management costs, as well as the costs of power, cooling and data center real estate. While cost reduction is often the starting point, the benefits extend well beyond total cost of ownership (TCO).

Virtualization is one of the foundational elements of an automated, agile infrastructure. Virtualization can help you speed up development cycles and deploy new resources faster. Using advanced features such as live migration, high availability (HA) and VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager, you can implement cost-effective, high-availability and disaster recovery strategies that are easy to manage.