Wireless Networking

Advances in wireless technology now allow you to expand the boundaries of your productivity - and save money.

Wireless networking is generally divided into the two groups:

Wireless LAN
Using the latest IEEE protocols, you can now implement wireless LANs without sacrificing performance. Free from the hassle and expense of cabling, wireless networks allow you to easily, and cost-effectively, add and remove devices and peripherals as needed.

Employees are more productive when they become "mobile" in your business or campus environment. And, you can offer restricted "visitor access" to clients and visitors, who need Internet access for their notebook computer or handheld PDA.

WLAN technologies also allow you to cost effectively "connect" to your LAN other office buildings on your campus, or across town! These implementations allow you to save significant carrier communication expense. Instead of paying a carrier monthly service fee for T-1s (or fractional T-1s) to each building, you can instead "connect" each building wirelessly -- sharing the cost of a T-1 among several sites.

  • We also offer the following services:
  • Wireless Needs Assessment
  • Professional Site Survey and Design Services
  • Wireless Security Solutions (EAP, SSID, WEP, MAC)
  • Antenna Selection Services
  • Wireless LAN Card (802.11, Wi-Fi) Interoperablity
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Wireless LAN VPNs
  • Wireless Mobile Technologies Web Site Design

Advanced Wireless Solutions
Advanced wireless technologies are enabling unified communications bringing together voice, video, data, and wireless storage together. CSP is one of the only companies in the world authorized to design and deploy the following advanced technology solutions.
Land Mobile Radio of IP
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) is a collection of portable and stationary radio units designed to communicate with each other over pre-defined frequencies. LMR provides instant communication between geographically dispersed and mobile personnel. LMR users include police and fire departments, and construction and building companies. LMR Systems combine with IP networks to create interoperable communications while maintaining the autonomy of existing radio systems and radio channels.

Mobile Access Router
Mobile Access Router extends the edge of any network by providing secure communications, seamless mobility, and interoperability. The Mobile Access Router is optimized for mobile vehicles applications so that users can share data, voice, and video communications in real-time. For public safety personnel, for example, information at their fingertips can include IP video surveillance, mugshot, fingerprint, and other law enforcement data-providing for faster, more informed decisions and increases in productivity and efficiency.

Metropolitan Networks
Metropolitan Networks extend existing communications infrastructures. The cornerstone of this technology is high-speed wireless hotspots-accessible only by authorized personnel. Metropolitan Networks are creating a new era of communications that will improve public services, and enhance the public safety and well being of citizens. Local government employees can make faster, more informed decisions and are better able to manage their resources. Wireless bridges offer an additional way to create high-speed wireless links between sites at a fraction of the cost. For mobile vehicles between hot spots, the Mobile Access Router will automatically switch over to any other available wireless technology. It also hands-off the connection from one network to the next so that applications can run independently of any particular wireless technology.